• Siaya Institute E-learning Centre is geared towards achieving maximum course availability for current and potential trainees from any location. This will ensure we reach the person who cannot make it to class due to their busy day schedule and allow them to view past classes, set an appointment with a trainer, send messages as well as access to a multitude of academic resources available from joining our community.


Learn from anywhere you may be. Simply login and join a class, and you're good to go.


Complete your education within the scheduled time, achieve your dreams of becoming a professional with no impedients.


Browse our list of courses as and begin your journey of getting accredited with a Certificate or Diploma from the Course of your choice.


Our E-Learning Centre works on any mobile smartphone device, simply get the moodle app on playstore, connect to our Centre, login and get going.

Site announcements

SIT Online Learning Centre

by Kevin Musoli -

Welcome to the Online Learning Centre made for SIT by SIT. 

Once you log in, ensure you set a password you can easily remember to avoid inconveniences then enroll to your current course so that you are able to get all course features including the virtual classes. 

Feel free to interact with the system, update your profile details, upload your profile photo and enjoy learning from the comfort of your location.


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